3D Artist REEL 2019



Hi, my name is Bardia.

I am a Maxa 3D-Artist with over 13 years experience in various projects and work as a 3D-generalist
focusing on animation, lighting, shading, rendering (with Redshift, Clarisse, Vray and Arnold),
modeling, texturing, sculpting, technical rigging and compositing.
You can find a detailed list of the tools I use,  here.

I believe, a good team with a spirit and an organization that values its employees can rock nearly any project!

Please enjoy my latest reel with a selection of the projects I took part in so far. You will see that I put a lot of passion and heart into my work. Furthermore my experience as an electrical engineer and my architectural background add creativity and accuracy.

If I have piqued your interest, don't hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Please right click for highres download of my reel, my CV or my Reel Breakdown:
Bardia Afchar 3D Artist Reel 1080p h264

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Bardia Afchar 3D Artist Reel

Bardia Afchar 3D-Artist Reel 2019 1080p from BA on Vimeo.

SpaceandMotion.de by Bardia Afchar  Impressum